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22nd July 2022

Best Rocket League Trading Tips in 2022

Since Rocket league went free to play on Epic Games last year, a lot of new players are getting into rocket league trading. Here are a few tips so you can maximize your profits from trading

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7th December 2021

Is Rocket League Sideswipe out yet?

Many people can't wait for Rocket League sideswipe to be released. In this blog post we are disclosing the announcement and actual release of the game.

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15th November 2021

How to share Replay files in Rocket League

Many people know the issue and I knew it myself: How can I share a replay to friends? Does the replay sharing also work with consoles? After some research and many tries, here‘s what I have come across!

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13th November 2021

Rocket League Season 4 Rewards announced!

Rocket League has announced the seasonal rewards of season 4 and today we will be showcasing all the rewards for each rank!

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