How to share Replay files in Rocket League

Many people know the issue and I knew it myself: How can I share a replay to friends? Does the replay sharing also work with consoles? After some research and many tries, here‘s what I have come across!

Before we get started, you have to know that this only works if you are using Steam! If I find out how to share replays on Epic games, Xbox, PS4 and Nintendo switch, I will link to the updated version in the brackets ().

How to share replays (on steam):

When sharing replays on steam, we will be sharing a ".REPLAY" file, that other players will be able to insert into their PC folder to view the replay in-game. To get the ".REPLAY" file, follow this path on your local computer:

In the "Demos" folder you will see a bunch of files with random generated letters and numbers as file names. But don't let that scare you!

In order to find the files you want, you will have to order them by date. In Rocket League you can see the date of the played match, and that is going to be the date that your needed file has too. So if you find the file with the same date and time as the replay in your game, you know it is the right one.

Now let's move onto the next part. How can your friend view the file / replay?

How can the other person view the replay?

I think it's clear that you have to actually send the replay to your friend in order for him to be able to view it. But what does your friend have to do as he receives it?

It is actually almost the same as sharing files, but in reverse. Let me explain: Head over to the "Demos" folder again as described below:

Your friend has to paste the file into this folder and restart the game. And that's it!

I hope I was able to resolve all the questions you had! If so, I am happy that I was able to help you out and if you are interested in Rocket League related stuff, you can view some related articles below!

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